Giovana Stratatelli (Cyrina Fiallo) and Denise Flores de la Rosa (Chrissie Fit) are two New Yorkers that met on the subway. Both are singer/songwriters with big dreams and even bigger attitudes. After playing the subway circuit as solo artist, they realized that they made a better team and became “The Subpranos.”

When Giovana Stratatelli’s “Godfather” was mysteriously found dead in the Hudson river, Giovana inherited a large sum of money. With that money the girls decided to take their subway act to Los Angeles.

They hope to find the success they’re looking for in sunny California. What they don’t know is that LA and NY are not at all alike.

Follow D&G on the journey that will test and strengthen their friendship.


These two New Yorkers are gonna take L.A. by storm...

Or so they think.

Who are The Subpranos?